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We are starting a lot of new projects here at The Wandering Gourmet, one is this fancy new blog. This blog will give you an inside peek of what happens here in our kitchen, various culinary insights and some comic relief too. One morsel to look forward to is our question of the month, where we will share with you variou犀利士
s opinions from our staff. Have a great rest of the week!

Our first question is this:

What food have you always wanted to try but have been afraid to try?

Dan, Executive Chef: A bug

Liz, CEO: Raw oysters

Jasmine, Kitchen Assistant: Cow’s tongue

Nic, Media Specialist: A bug

Lori, Office Support: Oysters

Jackie, Shopper: Hummus

Emilia, Office Manager: A bug


So what food are you afraid to try? Or what is the craziest food you have tried to eat?