Meals for each cook day will be selected from our extensive library of menu options. No matter if you are after ethnic, classic American or your favorite comfort foods, we are inspired to cook tasty food that will please your palate.

Planning is approached with your tastes in mind.  We select menu items from each category that you enjoy (e.g. beef, chicken, pork, fish/seafood, meatless), while also making sure to include a variety of tastes from your list of preferences (e.g. Mexican, Asian, Italian, Thai, comfort, specialty).  We select from a variety of sides (e.g. vegetable, potato, rice, grain, legume, etc.) to complement each entree.  We also take into account your history with our service so that your next set of meals, although approached the same way, will be completely different from the ones on your previous menu.

At The Wandering Gourmet, we are constantly researching, testing and adding new dishes to our repertoire. With six thousand different selections prepared over the last 10 years, you will rarely see repeats unless you request them.

We welcome your specific requests or suggestions for your cook day menu. If you have enjoyed something we have made for you in the past, have a favorite family recipe, a folded page in a foodie magazine or even something you have seen on TV, we look forward to the challenge of creating something new and adding more dishes to our library.

**Please submit any menu requests no later than one week prior to your cook day.


The below menus are Meal Preparation suggestions

 Suggestion menus will be available online soon.

For Dinner Party and Event menu suggestions please click here.