Our Philosophy

Our mission is to simplify dinner without sacrificing the love that goes into homemade meals.  All too often our busy lifestyles force us to choose drive-thru dining or tasteless, processed food when we would much rather enjoy the benefits of homemade meals crafted with love. Our demanding schedules leave us little time to plan, shop for, and prepare the kinds of food we would love to eat. We want to bring families back to the dinner table.

Ultimate Convenience

The Wandering Gourmet prepares meals in our commercial kitchen. This eliminates the problem of unused grocery waste and the need for rarely used specialty ingredients. No need to clear your calendar, straighten counter clutter or lock up the dog. After a long day at work, imagine coming home and having  fresh homemade meals waiting for you and your family. Let us cook for you while you take care of yourself, take care of your family and take dinner off your to-do list!

Get Started Today

For new clients, we suggest an in-home consultation. This will help us establish detailed taste preferences and any dietary considerations. It is also a great opportunity to share a little bit more about our services and answer any questions you may have. Following the consultation and the scheduling of your cook day, The Wandering Gourmet will create a personalized menu for your first service.