We take great pride in what we do and we have fun while doing it, but take our responsibilities seriously. An abundance of care goes into every single meal, whether you are enjoying daily meal preparation, a dinner party with friends or a romantic meal with your sweetie! • We shop for ingredients daily, just like you would, at local markets -- hand selecting the freshest ingredients available. • We use Miller Amish Chicken (antibiotic-free). • We cook with some organic ingredients even for those clients not requiring organic groceries. • We use grade A maple syrup. • When we need juice, we squeeze lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit. • We use butter, not margarine. • We make our own stocks and even can our own beans. • All dressings and marinades are made from scratch. • We cut and prep all of our produce daily, avoiding preservatives frequently used in pre-cut produce you may purchase from the grocery store. • We shred our own cheese, avoiding preservatives used to prevent clumping found in pre-shredded cheeses. • We mainly use olive oil for cooking. However, when using high heat, we will use avocado, peanut, canola or coconut oil. • We reduce fat by skimming and separating whenever possible. • Although we believe salt is a significant flavor enhancer, we are also conscious of the effects of a diet high in sodium and use many other herbs and spices first.  We cook from a sodium-conscious perspective, as opposed to restaurant meals which are shockingly high in sodium.  We use low-sodium soy sauce, both our homemade stocks and canned beans are low in sodium, and we season with salt that has the lowest sodium content available. • We make our own desserts, the #1 most outsourced item in restaurants.

We really mean it when we say:

We love what we cook!™