All things considered:

• Deciding on what to have for dinner each night
• Preparing a shopping list
• Time traveling to and from the grocery store
• Shopping and waiting in lines
• Preparing dinner
• Cleaning up the mess
• Cost of groceries
• Waste in unused ingredients you intended to use
• Time, tips, inflated drink and dessert costs, sub-par quality and inconvenience of eating at a restaurant.

When you consider the time it takes to plan, shop, chop, cook, clean up, and the cost of groceries, you will find that The Wandering Gourmet is a great value.

If you find yourself eating out more often than not, a personalized menu of from-scratch meals enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, prepared by The Wandering Gourmet is not only saving you money and simplifying dinner, but also affording you the luxury of time.