The Wandering Gourmet is here to help simplify your life and bring your family back to the dinner table by providing customized meals delivered directly to your refrigerator. We take great pride in what we do. An amazing amount of care goes into every single meal, whether you are enjoying daily meal preparation, a dinner party or a romantic dinner for two.

Times were tough during the summer of 2004 when Dan, an employee of the struggling auto industry, decided it was time to make a change.  After being laid off yet again by his employer, Liz convinced him to take a chance on his love of cooking.  As a child, Dan had learned to fend for himself in the kitchen.  Little did he know, that experience was the key to the idea that would give him and his family a second chance at fulfilling their American Dream.  By October of the same year, Dan was in the midst of a dramatic career move, and Liz was sharpening her administrative skills and preparing to run a business of her own.

In January of 2005, Dan and Liz Engel were presented with the opportunity to cook for a one-client small personal chef business called The Original Wandering Gourmet.  As of 2014, their 10th year in business, Executive Chef Dan and President Liz of The Original Wandering Gourmet, Inc. are now responsible for the preparation of over 6,000 different dishes for over 600 clients.

Diligence and "elbow grease", what Dan and Liz call "living the business", allowed the two to graduate from that one-client business, and they now serve anyone from nutritionists to college students, and from business men and women to professional athletes.  They reside in their dream home in Shelby Township, MI, with their two grown children and two mangy mutts.