A personal chef is more affordable than most people think. Consider the amount of time and money you spend on meal planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, and cleaning each day. Having a personal chef saves you at least 10-15 hours per week, allowing you to do the things you love. Please click here to read about the value of our services.
No. Like a housekeeping service, you do not need to be home on your scheduled cook date as long as appropriate arrangements are made in advance (e.g. key, code, etc.) for us to gain access to your refrigerator/freezer.
Meals are packaged in two-serving, family-sized containers, or single-serve containers. Our packaging is oven-safe, microwavable and disposable. They are manufactured in the USA, environmentally safe, recyclable, and are BPA- and PVC-free. If you prefer your meals to be packaged differently, please make note in your order and we will accommodate.
This depends upon the meal plan you select and the serving sizes of the containers. Appropriately sized and uniform containers are used for optimum and efficient storage.
Yes, we are able to provide nutritional information.  However, as all of our meals are made from scratch, it is very time-consuming to describe their nutritional value.  Unfortunately, we have found web applications such as Calorie Count or Nutrition Data to be relatively inaccurate.  This is because the numbers on these websites represent averages and do not always take into account different brands or serving sizes.

Since there is so much work involved in obtaining nutritional information that is accurate to the ingredients that we use, we charge a fee of $10 per dish if you would like this information included.

*Please provide one week notice if you would like us to include nutritional information.  Any nutritional information given by The Wandering Gourmet should only be used as a guide.
It all depends on the size of your event and if you request one for an intimate dinner. Servers are responsible for making your dining experience go smoothly. They serve each course, assist Chef Dan in the kitchen, pour beverages, make coffee, help with coats, assist in clean up during and after the event, etc.  Dan is happy to serve casually, but be aware that his first obligation is to the kitchen.  Dinner parties of 12 or more require at least one server.  Dinner parties of 18 or more require at least 2 servers. Dinner parties of 26 or more require 3 servers.
Catering for events with over 30 guests is reserved for our existing clients.
There are no membership fees for using our services. For reschedules or cancelations, visit our Policies page under Meal Preparation.
Currently we have clients all over the Metro Detroit area and deliver 5 days a week. We have delivery routes to Port Huron, Ann Arbor, Novi, Detroit, Birmingham, Imlay City and everywhere in between. Contact our office today to see when we deliver to your area.