Alternative Meal Plans

Although Signature Meal Plans work well for many clients, we also have plenty of clients who like to eat "outside of the box".

Some meal plans where a premium is implemented:
• Organic-Preferred - Premium charge to cover grocery costs and shopping at specific stores e.g. Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme etc. Please see pricing below.
• Special Diet - if needed, premium will be determined following consultation
• Nutritional Count - $10 per recipe
• A La Carte Items e.g. breakfast, additional sides, food for weekend events or weekend get-aways, desserts and baked foods

Nutritional Information

We are able to provide nutritional information. However, as all of our meals are made from scratch, it is very time-consuming to describe their nutritional value. Unfortunately, we have found web applications such as Calorie Count, Nutrition Data, Cronometer etc. to be relatively inaccurate.

Since there is so much work involved in obtaining nutritional information that is accurate to the ingredients that we use, we charge a fee of $10 per dish if you would like this information included.

Even if we do not provide nutritional information, but you would like us want us to weigh or measure and be sure that your meals fit within a specific paramater, this charge will still apply.

*Please provide one week notice if you would like us to include nutritional information. Any nutritional information given by The Wandering Gourmet should only be used as a guide.

Service Fee includes:

• Customized menu planning
• Grocery shopping
• Groceries
• From-scratch meal preparation
• Oven-heatable, microwavable, disposable containers with heating instructions
• Chef's choice dessert
• Delivery

Alternative Meal Pricing

3 Different Meals 4 Different Meals 5 Different Meals 6 Different Meals
2 Servings $440 $500 $575 $650
3 Servings $525 $560 $675 $740
4 Servings $550 $625 $750 $835
5 Servings $600 $700 $820 $960
6 Servings $655 $775 $900 $1075

* Family-size and 2-serving containers are included in cost. Single-serve packaging is available at $15 per 10 servings.

Build your menu from our list of suggestions and SAVE $25

• Discount applies to menus received no later than one week prior to your cook day
• Discount applies to Client Meal Preparation only
• For Alternative Meal Plan clients, discount applies to service fees only (not grocery costs)
• Discount does not apply to clients redeeming gift certificates
• Discount applies to completely planned menus

*Prices updated August 2022